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  • Great Addition for Any Event: You can use this guest book alternative for engagement, wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary parties, birthdays, and graduation guest book alternative, etc.
  • Fun stacking game: The wedding guest book alternative is also a customized stacking game when the newly weds host family and friends. A fun way to reminisce on the special day every time the happy couple play the game.
  • Wonderful Keepsake: Have everyone sign a piece of block with names, messages and well wishes at guest sign in table. Stack the rustic blocks and place the memory tower in the easy open acrylic display box to showcase your big day after the event.
  • INCLUDES a 4” x 6” photo guest book sign for framing
  • GUEST BOOK for wedding, Polaroid guest book, Instax guest book, photobooth guest book, bridal shower guest book, baby shower guest book or birthday guest book
  • BLACK 90 blank pages (45 acid-free sheets) 12 pt thick stock, acid-free milled responsibly in Wisconsin, FSC certified
  • Double as Fun Stacking Game: The wedding sign in guest book alternative can also be a wood block stacking game and the couple can reminisce on their special day every time they play the game with family or friends.
  • Cherished Memories: With 4 pens included in the guestbook set, loved ones can write their names, well wishes, and messages on the blank wooden blocks for the happy couple and build a tower of love that preserves all the good memories made.
  • Eye-catching for Any Event: This guest book alternative is an adorable decoration for engagement, wedding reception, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary parties, birthdays, and graduation guest book alternative, etc.
  • Personalize Your Day: Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Graduations, Memorial Days or Funerals. Insert a sentimental picture for your guests to see as they sign the hearts on their way in.
  • Quality, Hand Crafted Frame: We have designed an elegant white drop box guest book frame with an exposed Oak backing to create the perfect backdrop for your guests to deliver their signed hearts and messages. A unique guest book with real wood to last a lifetime.
  • Beautiful Accessories: 1 x delicate heart gold steel stand, 1 x 'sign a heart' sign with rose gold text, 1 x silk mesh bag to hold the hearts, 1 x white large steel easel to stand guest book, 85 x hearts to sign, 1 x white easel to stand, 1 x shadow box wedding guest book with internal frame
  • ►MEMORIES ARE PRICELESS – use this guestbook to hang on your wall after your event to always remember everyone that came and all the good memories that were made.
  • ►BOOK SIGNS– Wooden Hearts where your guests can write their names and well wishes and drop on the frame. The EASY OPEN back allows you instant access to adjust the arrangement as needed after your event.
  • ►DETAILED LIST FOR PACKAGE – 15.7 " x 11.8 "Brown wooden guest book frame with acrylic glass; 80 - Wooden hearts 1.37 "x 1.26 " and big bland heart 2.9 "x 2.6" + 1wooden guest book( 40 pages)+1 wooden stand + plywood box 6 inch x 4.5 "x2.2"
  • EXTRA SPACE : Our Guest Book for Funeral Services Has Lots of Space for Guests to Write Their Names, Condolences / Memories and Mailing Addresses For Thank You Notecards.
  • DURABILITY : This Funeral Guest Book Has Acid-Free Paper Which Withstands Paper Aging for a Lasting Keepsake. Thick Bleed Proof Pages (140 gsm) for Guests Sign-In. The Hardcover Ensures Durability for a lifetime.
  • ALL-INCLUSIVE SET : Celebration of Life Funeral Guest Book Comes With a Silver Ballpoint Pen and Pen Stand, 50x Share a Memory Cards for Guests and a Table Sign.
  • Celebration of life guest book with 96 pages is 9.25 inches x 9.25 inches; includes 150 memorial cards 3.5 inches x 5 inches, biography picture frame 5 inches x 7 inches, black and gold metal pen
  • This funeral book set prominently features a 5" x 7" commemorative frame for a professional photograph in the first pages to memorialize your lost loved one
  • Our memorial book set includes dozens of thoughtful pages such as biographical information, ceremonial details, and family information that you won't find in other books

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